Innovative design solutions that equate to lower project costs

We utilize a “building envelope” design that allows the rapid construction of a light-weight but durable steel panel system. This solution provides structures that are cost-effective, energy efficient, non-combustible, and multi-story capable. These design innovations leave plenty of room for aesthetic versatility as well.


This innovation makes our unique buildings easy to construct. They allow the option for our customers to benefit from having to provide very little maintenance, while benefitting from lower energy costs.

SBI's Hgh Performance Sustainable Building Envelope provides superior levels of thermal (R-value) and air tightness performance over the service life of the utilizing an interlocking joint for a weather-tight system with a high r-value and superior air tightness.

Our Permanent Solutions Provide:
- Hotel Quality Construction
- Light-Weight and Relocatable Materials
- High Resell Value
- Energy Efficient Units
- Time Saving- Rapid Construction
- Lower Labor Requirements
- Versatility in Sustainable Energy Sources

We create innovative construction solutions for military, education, government, residential, commercial, and international entitities.