Founded in 2009, Sustainable Building Innovations, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of next-generation, highly energy-efficient building technologies.

By combining the best of market and technical expertise, strategic business relationships and manufacturing partnerships, SBI has maintained a clear focus on customer needs and innovation. This has resulted in the development of new solutions for our clients and a robust intellectual property portfolio.

SBI's building technology provides key advantages for a more competitive and sustainable building system. SBI Building System has the following advantages: speed of construction, high energy efficiency, reduced life cycle costs, quicker time to revenue, competitive building cost, meets all US Building Codes, structural design for multi-story applications.

Highly Energy Efficient -- Rapidly Deployable

Due to the high energy efficiency of the SBI building systems, integration of a renewable energy system will typically generate energy in excess of the demand of these structures. Customers will benefit either through lower energy costs from a grid based energy source or by installing a renewable solution.

Key Differentiators

- Speed of Deployment
- Quality
- Aesthetic Versatility
- Energy Efficiency
- Reduced Life Cycle Costs
- Replicable
- Scalable
- Low Labor Requirements