Military & Government

SBI Technology offers rapid deployable, transportable solutions and energy-efficient tactical structures that are ideal for numerous military and government solutions.

- Reduced Life Cycle Costs
- Department of Defense
- International Agencies
- Local / State Government
- Schools
- Chem-Bio Labs
- Disaster Relief Housing

Workforce Housing

SBI’s Building Technology is ideal for workforce housing projects. Rapid build time means faster time to revenue, hotel quality, energy efficiency and reduced lifecycle costs mean higher margins.

- Reduced Life Cycle Costs
- Hotel Quality Construction
- Lodge and Rooms/Suites
- Highly Energy Efficient
- Rapid Build
- Private & Semi-Private Rooms
- 1, 2, & 3 Bedroom Suites
- Turn-Key Solution


SBI’s panel based system allows for the construction of larger, commercial, multi-story units that have low operating and overall life-cycle costs. These solutions are ideal in the construction of international commercial construction where quality construction, skilled labor and energy resources may be scarce.

- Rigid Insulating Foam
- Heavy Gauge Steel
- Composite & Steel Hard Shell
- Optimized ECU & Ducting
- Fire Resistant Coatings

Residential & International

SBI’s energy efficient, panel based building system is an attractive alternative to traditional residential construction. SBI's Hgh Performance Sustainable Building Envelope provides superior levels of thermal (R-value) and air tightness performance over the service life of the utilizing an interlocking joint for a weather-tight system with a high r-value and superior airtightness. This system employs open web steel joints and galvanized steel studs complete with pre-punched knockouts allowing electrical wiring, HVAC ducts, plumbing and sprinklers to be expediently installed. SBI's systems have significant design flexibility and are ideal for international housing developments.