SBI’s rapidly deployable and relocatable building system is a structural panel based design to provide for ultimate flexibility, high levels of structural integrity and energy efficiency and provides a high quality military, workforce housing or other temporary building solution to meet tight timelines at a finish level far above alternative temporary solutions.

SBI’s high efficiency building system enable the building, complete with roof system, to be erected rapidly and also enable portions of the structure to be reconfigured and relocated in the future if desired.

This high quality building system allows for flexibility in terms of design and aesthetics and can be easily modified to meet regional design requirements.

Our Relocatable Solutions Provide:
- Deployable & Reusable
- Power Plus Structures
- Permanent and Reusable Clean Room Solutions
- Large Clear Span Buildings
- Reusable Engineered, Leveling Sub-Floor System
- Lower Labor Requirements
- Permanent and Reusable Cold Storage
- Residential and Commercial Building Envelope Systems

We create innovative construction solutions for military, education, government, residential, commercial, and international entities.